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Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Children are among the most common victims of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome due to an adverse drug reaction.

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SJS is a severe, life-threatening condition, and the best treatment occurs when the child is admitted to a hospital with a pediatric burn unit or a pediatric intensive care unit

Among the drugs causing problems in children are Children's Motrin, Children's Advil, antibiotics, Phenobarbital, and other seizure and anti-convulsant medications.

The stories of children affected by SJS are heartbreaking and include cases of terrible pain, blindness and death. For example:

  • Seven-year-old Sabrina Johnson is blind as a result of taking Children's Motrin read more about Sabrina
  • Three-year-old Heather Rose Kiss of New Jersey died in 2003 from SJS - a week after taking another ibuprofen product, Children's Advil. Read more about Heather
  • Nine-year-old Kaitlyn Langstaff of Saratoga was left blind and disabled by her reaction to Children's Motrin, and then the young girl died 20 months after taking the drug. Read more about Kaitlyn's hearbreaking story
  • A 17-year-old boy died from the TEN form of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome due to a severe reaction to sparfloxacin administered for cough and fever.Read more
  • 11-month-old Julie Farrell was in agony with blistered skin and mouth, fluid-filled lungs that needed to be constantly suctioned and severely blistered eyes. She was given morphine for the pain and is now completely blind in one eye and has permanent scars on her back and legs. She may have kidney damage as well. Julie's adverse reaction was to the drug Phenobarbital, given to her to control epileptic seizures. Read Julie's story
  • As a result, of Julie Farrell's horrendous experience with SJS, her mother founded the Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation , also known as the Julie Foundation, to educate the public about allergic drug reactions.
  • For more horror stories of young victims of SJS, please visit the stories page of the SJS support site at

The more severe forms of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome can result in disfiguring scarring, impairment or loss of vision, and secondary infections including systemic sepsis, as well as death. In the case of the TEN form of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, death results in about one-third of cases. SJS is a very serious conditon and should be treated as an emergency situation at first onset. The disease can have life altering consequences for those who survive it, and many do not .

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Stevens-Johnson Syndrome